"Participants developed a shared identity with others in the local and world wide community. There was a very liberating and creatively excellent follow up which was entertaining and there was freedom to experiment. 10/10."

Marian Laing, Head of Drama, Ursuline Academy • 

"The story telling had depthanticipation and a real sense of excitement... A client’s comment was that he learnt a lot from the presentations as it was interesting, innovative and gave him a better mind set. He also said that he felt that you did a very good job in enlightening his life and hopefully he will be a better person” 

Sonia Lynch, Projects Manager, Welcome Centre • 

"Participants got a lot out of hearing the other stories in the presentation session. It really got them thinking about things in a different way. They empathised with different groups of people that they previously judged. Some carers related to the stories, for others it changed their perception of Ilford and its people.”

Emma Smart, Young Adult Carers Manager, Redbridge Carers Support Service • 

"... it sparked inspiration, discussion and thought within the group especially with regard to racism and perception... it was very effective, particularly listening to stories from others outside the group.  It brought up some unexpected discussions.  It was also fascinating to see how dynamics of different groups influence thinking and perception... people didn’t want to leave and the workshop could easily have gone on longer... I would love to work with take stock exchange again." 

Nina Simon, Library Service Manager and co-ordinator of Write Next Door •

"Amazing and inspiring - I thought about Wanstead and my life. It was great" 

Student, Aldersbrook School

"I would recommend take stock exchange to other agencies unreservedly and I would welcome their return." 

Mick Parker, Projects Co-ordinator, The Woodbine Centre

"The session was effective where the group heard people’s experiences and their journey to Ilford. The group were able to see common ground with what people said and felt. The group collectively discussed what they liked about Ilford. The session did bond the group together.” 

Asiyah Ally, Volunteer Work Redbridge English Conversation Club

"It has made me value other people more..."It wasn't like any other workshop, it got every1 up, it was energetic, fun and no one wanted it to stop..."I have more confidence now..."I realised I do have a creative side "Ilford is so much more of an important place than we realise and this workshop showed this to us and everyone around"