We delivered our first project in 2013, working on a tiny grant from Redbridge Arts Grants. Since then our projects have got bigger and bigger - and more diverse. We continue to run our main project - You, Me, the World and... - but we also deliver work in a variety of other settings outside our main project, with theatres, charities, corporations and community groups.


You, Me, the World and Ilford #3

#3 will be more ambitious than ever, engaging more participants, working with more community groups, building a more interactive online aspect to our work, and beginning our collaboration with Redbridge Drama Centre


 TSX//The Yard Theatre//Hub67

This project marks an exciting new avenue for us, as we begin our collaboration with The Yard and Hub67, and deliver work in Hackney for the first time


You, Me, the World and Ilford #2

Our most ambitious project to date where we more participants then ever before. 


Peter's Blog

A short story written by a participant


You, Me, the World and Ilford #1

A commission in Ilford from Vision Redbridge as part of their 'Ilford This Way' scheme. 


You, Me, the World and Wanstead

Our first project.