TSX//Stratford Circus - Story of My Life...

Working in collaboration with Stratford Circus, Amal – a Said Foundation project, Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque, St Angela's and Plashet Schools, we're bringing together over 200 people from all over Newham - and all over the world to tell stories, to listen to stories, to celebrate commonality, to celebrate difference.

Funded by Amal – a Said Foundation project



N.B. We work with all sorts of different people, from all sorts of different walks of life. Some of the people we work with are in situations where being photographed could create complications for them. We have also found that the knowledge that they are being photographed can change people's behaviour quite a lot! Consequently we have a policy not to photograph or video the work we do, which is why you won't find many images on our site!