TSX//Stratford Circus - Story of My Life...

Working in collaboration with Stratford Circus, Amal, Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque, St Angela's and Plashet Schools, we're bringing together over 200 people from all over Newham - and all over the world to tell stories, to listen to stories, to celebrate commonality, to celebrate difference.

Funded by Amal – a Said Foundation project.

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You, Me, the World and Ilford #3

YMWI #3. More ambitious than ever - engaging more participants, working with more community groups, building a more interactive online aspect to our work, and beginning our collaboration with Redbridge Drama Centre.

Funded by Arts Council England and Redbridge Borough Council

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Peter's Blog

I first met Nick and Olly at The Welcome Project, a day-centre for homeless people. I remember putting all the chairs together in a circle, waiting in anticipation for something that would bring a bit of colour into our daily routine.

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